Newbury Lawn Tennis Club offer an all year round programme, term time lessons for adults & juniors, and also camps for juniors during the holidays. The lesson’s offered are for all standards, running additional specialist workshops and tournaments at various points in the year too.


Head Coach – John

John joined inspire2coach in 2007, and became head coach at Newbury. He has been coaching since the age of 14, and playing since the age of 6. His playing experience took him all over the world including Australia and America. Thankfully, he returned back to the UK and took up his Level 3 coaching award, followed by his Level 4, making him a Club Coach Performance.


Hollie joined inspire2coach in 2009, and has been coaching at Nbewury LTC since the word go. Hollie is also the programme manager and is main point of contact for new and existing players.


Tom is the newest member of the Newbury team, qualifying as a level 3 coach in 2011. Tom has recently finished a sports coaching degree at Gloucester University and will take up a role as Junior Performance Coach within the team.

Racquet Stringing

Don’t panic if you hear that twang of a broken string. We have a racquet restringing service.

And it’s not just for broken strings, if you suffer from strings that constantly move, tennis elbow, no power, or lack of touch then chances are it could be you are playing with the wrong string type or tension. We offer advice on string types, tensions, and gauges to make sure you get the best string for your playing style.

The majority of new rackets are strung with synthetic guts, which is a good choice for most people and is the string we recommend for most new players. For those suffering from tennis elbow or sore joints, natural gut is an option and this excellent article all about natural gut strings explains why it’s arm friendly. If you need string advice contact us.